For startup CEOs

In spite of everything they said, you took a leap of faith and made your move; Being this passionate has its price.

Now everybody is looking at you: your investors, your co-founders, you employees and your customers.
You must present them with the best possible image.

Our technology will help you bring your best game to your fundraising, investors relations, communication and more.

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We believe that each startup CEO can find value in each of these offering. We also believe that they work really well together as a suite so just start exploring.


Fundraising is one of the most unique business activities only Startup CEO experience. How many did you experience?

Structure and Strategy

Process insights

Investors discovery

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Investor relations as a service: how do you keep your existing and potential investors engaged and helpful?

Match investors

Investors updates

Engagement hooks

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Hopefully your pitch deck will be modified after every pitch, but how do you keep track on which investor got which deck

Collateral checkbox

Creation and update

Management and trail

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How to help external stakeholders adopt your messages in the most efficient and deliberate manner?

Channels monitoring

Content automation

Cadence analytics

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Incorporation documents, ESOP agreements, patents and cap tables. Who accessed them last month?

Document management

Data room mapping

Authorized access

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Confidence boost!

Tlaloa took the guesswork out of my investors emails and feel much more confident in my communication simply as I have a communication coach on my sideline.

Noah Kraft // Doppler Labs

First-time CEO potion

I couldn't get a chance and was actually referred to as "too green" by some investors. Since I'm using Tlaloa every aspect of my communication is polished to perfection without any effort. Superb.

Andy Dinh // Team SoloMid

Procrastinate no more!

I always knew that I need to send updates to my investors, but choosing what to communicate, and moreover doing it on a regular basis took too much from my energy. Now I have structure, contect, design and impact with little to no effort.

Gregory Falco // NeuroMesh

No stress from managing investors

I used to manage all my investors lists in excel sheets with this status or the other based on my own inventions. Now I have a process I can walkthrough and I know exactly where I'm standing and how to improve.

Maia Bittner // PINCH
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