Who are we?

It all started eight years ago. We had an amazing idea that could take over the world (true story).Moreover, we knew exactly what needs to be done in order to make it big.
We had the talent, we had the knowledge, we had the network, we had passion. Nothing could stand in our way in our race to take over the world.

Fast Forward to today and... well... the world is still waiting for us to take over it. We didn't do it yet.

It's not that we failed quitely. Our failure was spectacular. We raised millions of dollars of VC money to create it, hired an amazing team, developed a groundbreaking technology, partners with the largest tech companies in the world and won many prizes. Everybody was rooting for us.
Eventually we were acquired by a tech giant, and had the PR and tech media coverage.

But WE knew - we failed.
We did it wrong. All of it. And not due to lack of trying.
We just spent so much energy in the wrong directions and in the wrong manner.

Once you start the entrepreneurial journey, its just like participating in a never ending race. And just like a race, it's hard to stop the running, take a deep breath and look around. The problem is that unlike a race, there lines are not there and you might be running in the wrong directly. At least that is how we felt.

That is why we called THIS project Tlaloa: for the art of Aztec running (we are not descendants).

Currently, we are holding executive positions in VC's and corporates and want to write a new failure story. So we created Tlaloa.
This project is for us. Or anyone who'd like to use it.
The intention is to try and focus your and ours' entrepreneurial energy where it matters the most.

What matters to us?
The Entrepreneurial Journey

"Hold the vision and trust the process."

But which process? And how do I run it?  entrepreneurial process. There are numerous models and books out there, but even are you read all of them - you might be somewhat lost.

That is what we're aiming to do.
To build a process for new ideas. And projects. And teams. To help us all focus.

So, what do we do?
Ask Weird Questions

From our short experience, the main problem most entrepreneurs face is either lack of knowledge or lack of honesty.
Friends and family are on your side, but they don't know enough of the journey you are about to go in order to give you a solid advice.
Investors you meet may have understood exactly what pitfalls you're running towards (having witnessed them times and again in the past), but they have nothing to gain from highlighting them to you. They might not even ask you how you plan to deal with them. They'll just give you the polite:

"I think you guys have a really unique product and you’ve made amazing progress, but unfortunately, we can't get over the line to invest right now because we are having trouble taking the leap to what the revenue model will be." or something of sorts.

Chin-up. Fear not.
Answering tough questions is surprisingly (?!) tough, but it would supercharge your start-up and help you focus.