Focus your target customer definitions

Build customer profile that are structured, built for review, easily validated and great to communicate

customer discovery form

Why creating a detailed customer definition is paramount to your startup success?

Whichever stage your startup is, you are always searching. Searching for customers is the most painful search of all, as very few companies can survive without customers for long. You can "spray and pray," but the chances you'll spend time, energy, and money, not hitting anything.

To win, you must aim well, and aim well; you first need to decide - what you are aiming at.

Customer discovery focus

Structured customer definitions

If you've never successfully targeted a customer, how would you know what needs to be defined? We'll help you create a definition that will work for you.

Are there enough customers?

So you have an excellent customer definition. You even think they would share a problem you can solve - but wait - how many customers of that definition exist? How do you know?

Customer discovery journey analysis

Search and research efficiently. Identify opportunities and analyze your performance.