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How it works

Automating the fundraising research phase saves time, and allows to fine tune the targets as you learn more in the process

1. We automatically analyze your startup

What kind of company are you building? What is your location and where is the company active? Is it a B2B or B2C? What industry are you serving and which ecosystem are you part of? What stage are you at ? 
We extract all "visible" traits of your company as a baseline.

2. We search for the right investors

While some investors invest across sectors and stages, most investors are most likely to invest in the same industry or stage. Identify the relevant characteristics, map them and searching them is not rocket science. It's a just a very labours work you don't need to do.

3. You get a curated list

Given enough data and the right rules, AI helps us match the right investors with the right company. Save all or some to your investors list marked with their potential score. Your investors list will be kept updated and we'll enrich it with activities by your potential investors.

Behind the curtains

Hopefully, you will get some opportunities to meet large group of investors offline, such as in demo days and pitch events. In these kind of offline settings, you'll have to rely on some traditional face-to-face interaction.

So, while you can fully automate the fundraising investor research phase, it's worth spending the time and familiarizing yourself with the logic behind how investor research is done. This will provide you with tools you can use to focus and qualify your target investors both online and offline.

In our blog post we've listed all the whats and whys. Check it out and let us know if we missed anything.